Angie Noir Step-Mother MUST Swallow

 I am a very bad behaving Step-MotherÖ My ìSonî just caught me trying to clean cum from my dancing dress! Last night I told the family I was going to a party with my girlfriendsÖ but in reality I met up with several of my Step-sonís friends and they made my nice dress a mess! 


    Picture this: I am in the laundry room trying to figure out how I am getting cum stains out of my sexy new dress when my Step-son walks in and sees the mess and tells me that he is going to tell his Step-dad... Unless I allow him to ìteachî me to swallow hot cum! I am being coerced into blowing him! I reluctantly agree and he drops his pants and sticks a BEAUTIFUL 9î hard cock in my face! Step-Mother instincts are overwhelmed and I start sucking that taboo cock! DEEPTHROATING and gagging on it, sucking on the balls, and listening to my Step-Son talk very dirty to Step-Mother! He finished fucking my face and exploded a huge, white hot load of sperm in my mouth, it dripped out on the sides and he made me lick that up and show him my full throat! I teased him by gurgling the cum THEN I swallowed it all!!